Thursday, 26 January 2012

The Exhibition

                    Waking up one morning in my tent thinking I wish someone would offer me the chance of a lifetime. The commission of pure delight. Yet I was no one really special. Even though I had done the most unbelievable journey I was still no one. I had no one to blame except myself.
                    I was there again in Brighton south of London creating one unbelievable display of pure pleasure for everyone to see. I had no qualifications, no money and didn't know what to do except create. The the opportunity of a lifetime came out of the blue. A stranger asked me what I was doing and I told her.            
                    "I was creating a seaside display from loose pebbles in a sculptured format by loosely setting one pebble on top of each other. It is a bit like dry stone walling only it's not meant to last".
                    "Oh I see. Are you the man who walked the coast of the UK not so long ago?"
                    "I sure am and I enjoyed every minute of it. Wish though I could of got sponsorship to do it though and raised money for charity. But that wasn't to be but I do have a good book out of it though but have no way of getting it into the public eye. Nothing seemed to go right for me and I'm still in the same boat as I started out in."
                     "If someone could make your book happen and get you into art galleries would you be interested?"
                     "Definitely because I do believe I have something so special that people would want to buy and also look at. I also know I can create miniature pieces for the house and bigger ones for the garden and could create jobs for people also".
                     "Good my friend it's your lucky day and I am so pleased to have met you. You deserve all the support you get and I am willing to use my contacts to make that happen for you. You are an inspiration my friend and should be proud of what you have achieved so far. Now do me a favour my friend and go and have a proper meal on me as you deserve it. You bring colourful art for free and inspire young and old alike. You ask for nothing and expect nothing in return. Your a true artist and deserve to live the dream. I hope you are here tomorrow because I have a big surprise for you my friend. You see I know who you are and what you did, the trouble you went through and believe in my heart what I am about to do for you is the right thing. I am from the Tate Gallery in London and I want to organise an exhibition there for you. Your art is so amazing I believe you are awesome and children around the world will want to be you. So please be here in the morning first thing and I'll take you for breakfast so we can diguss this further".
                      "I was shocked with admiration and wondered if I was dreaming. Then I woke up suddenly after hearing something fall my girlfriend knocked over.

Now what was that all about?

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