Thursday, 22 November 2012

Snowy the street poet helps Dr Geebers

     It hard to live life out on the streets because you never know whats going to happen. Dreams can be reality yet you think your dreaming.
    I was in my sleeping bag doing my normal thing writing poetry rhymes and limericks to share on the web. This is hard when you get no benefits what so ever and now and again I would be asked to read something out. Sometimes people would give me money for this so I could afford to get a proper decent meal.
    This was one moment that really grabbed me as a real street poet called Snowy from Brighton came to me. He asked me if I wanted to publish some of my work along side his. I was overwhelmed by this thought and said yes. I was really in this moment so I thought and didn't understand what the hell i was doing. I never thought my poetry rhymes where up to the standard of any other person especially those who do performance poetry such as he.
   I went to a computer to see how well my own blogs was going on and this is when I noticed a crazy email that had come through. It was from Snowy saying the book was a success and he was congratulating me for contributing to make his dream and many others happen.
    I woke up at this point in my sleeping bag outside Juqa a shop on East Street Brighton. Then owner was furious at me for sleeping there. She started threatening me with police and blaming me for what others had done in her doorway. I tried to explain I was no regular homeless person and was an artist having hard times yet she would not believe me.
    I hope people read this message and Snowy if this dream becomes a reality then where are you my friend because if this book is going to happen then you need to make yourself known to me my man.
    Can dreams come true I do not know. Yet I must admit some of what you have read so far has come true.

   In fact three of my limericks have had over one million google+ hits and counting.

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