Monday, 9 January 2012

The Dark Drop

                   Walking through a forest at night while hearing the tooting of owls. A wolf howling loud and close sends a shiver down your spine. The flapping of tiny wings like bats or small birds startles you. The creaking of thr trees and branches all seemly louder in the still of the night. Then all of a sudden you come to the edge. There's nothing there except the darkness below. Its time to turn round and go back the way you came. The wind picks up in an almighty burst picking you of your feet, tossing you over the edge, into oblivion. Falling, falling, falling, deep down into the darkness with no end insight. Falling, falling, falling but there seems to be no bottom. You simply keep on falling, falling, falling, with no end in sight. Then you wake up all covered in sweat wondering if your alive or dead. Then you realise you are in bed.

Now what was all that about?

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