Wednesday, 9 May 2012

The one million hit post

             Your sitting at your laptop with a nice glass of wine in your hand. You got nothing better to do. Your heads starting to spin from all the alcohol. Your fingers are burning from all the typing at incredable speeds as if your from another planet.
            What is going on? You cannot seem to stop yourself from putting this trash you up on the web. No ones going to read this crap. Its only a load of old tripe. Yet you still do because its the truth and can be a bit annoying at times. Everyone does it all the time. Yet your writing blog not a facebook message which can be a bit boring.
            You have been on the computor now at least an hour maybe even two and your still randering on about nothing in paticular. Why do people do this? you ask yourself as you carry on writing more absolute nonsence that seems a lot of gobbley gook. Not even a garaffe or a gerbil could make head nor tail of it let alone a human.
            You drink even more wine, thats three bottles now but whos counting as the clock spins round like a rocket. The walls start to move towards youm, but are you going to stop?
             Of course not, it is to important to give up now since its a load of cobs wallope anyway and you know no one in their right mind wants to read all this good for nothing verbleness. Yet you still keep on going with on knee on the floor and bottles of wine lying on the floor beside the cat. Who now seems to be slightly drunk as well on a few licks of a bootle.
             What is going on? Why do I want to write all this crap for and why do I want people to read it? I thought as I kept on writing the dam thing anyway. Why? Why? Why?
             Well I do not know. All I know is I am writing it because I dreampt it so that means I have to write it. Why I do not know but the dream was spot on with its predictions of everything today so far. That I would be writing poems better than ever before, doing things that I ever dreamed of, meeting people in purple hats. They where from Poland and that happened on the beach where I create my sculptures out of pebbles. Yet something has told me to write this dream down the way it happened. The only problem is I do not know why or how this is happening but it has to happen now. Even if I only get one hit it don't matter at least I am doing what it told me to do yet I do not understand why?
             Now that it is done I hope that it comes true and my life really does change for the better. Yet if you don't put in the effort then nothing ever happens. If you do then something might happen. This is what this dream was all about but WHY?

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