Sunday, 22 January 2012

The Money's Talking

                     Your down and out sleeping on a bench without a bean in your pocket. You got nothing and really smell like you where in the sewers. What can you do? Rob, steal, shoplift and beg to stay alive. Then you here a voice. A loud squeaky voice like a mouse or something. You look around and can't see anyone.
                     "Come here". Shouts the voice and you look left.
                     "Not that way dummy". Then you look right.
                     "I'm down here fool". You look down and see this ten pence piece laying on the ground. You stoop down and pick it up gently with a surprised look about your face.
                     "It's your lucky day my friend. I am the luckest ten pence you will ever find. Now take me to the arcade and let me feel the fortune of luck". What? You head starts spinning. You are talking to a ten pence peice that talks back to you and your the only one that hears him.
                     "Look here I don't gamble alright". You say for some strange reason.
                     "You don't gamble? Look mate if I tell you to put me into a machine and it gives you a win and you never lose ever are you still not going to have a gamble?" What this is everyone dream in life. Yet I was living it, feeling it, doing it and believing it. This felt so real to me it was unbelievable. One minute on a park bench the next buying brand new cars, speed boats and houses while living life to the max. Untill one day my luck ran out and I lost the coin. What tradgady. How did I loose such a thing. Then I remembered my partner got me drunk and took all my money along with my real lucky coin. with this I woke up pennyless but happy beside the love of my life.

What was that all about?

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