Thursday, 18 October 2012

Rich rich rich poor

     Many people dream of being rich oneday and never understand the reality of life. Me myself have never wanted to be rich just happy. Yet the funny thing is all my dreams seem to end up the same way. This is about me dreaming of good times which come along with nothing to die for and then at the last minute I seem to loose everthing and end up back at the starting point of life.
     Many different people have said in the past that my life is paved with gold and if anything goes to be noticed and thats this dream sure tells me I may have a wonderfull life in the future.
     I was walking down the street minding my own business when all of a sudden a breifcase falls of a wall in front of me in Brighton. The case bursts open throwing thousands of pounds worth of bank notes in my face. I decided to do the honorable thing and had it into the police. They said if no one picks it up in 28 days then the money would be mine.
     I never thought anything of it and a month went past. A policeman stopped me and asked me my name so I told him. The officer asked me for addentifacation. So I showed him. This is when my life changed forever or so I thought anyway. £500.000 was in the case. No one had claimed the case so legally the money became mine. Whoever lost it though was looking for it and found out I had it. I was having a ball of course. Doing all the things I had ever dreamed of.
     So men came heavy handed looking for it. They where armed to the teeth with meatclevers, knifes and guns. I had done no wrong and wondered what the hell was going on. I had never ever seen so much money in one hit before and could not understand why people wanted to go to so much bother to steal this money from me which was legally mine.
     One morning all hell broke loose after being at a casino and loosing loads. I was hit in the arm by the blade of a knife. This was not a good start as the people shouted wheres the bloody money. Give it to me now. I wasn't giving up my money for no one since I have never had any before. They beat me up and tied me too some railings. They beat the living daylights out of me. Then one punch landed sweetly right upon my face waking me up in a pool of sweat.
     This put me of wanting money for life yet having a good time and helping others is certianly me. What a dream and I hope the hell it don't come true.

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