Friday, 26 October 2012

The day my life changed forever

     I couldn't believe what i was seeing as I lay on cardboard sleeping outside a shop in its doorway. I was in my sleeping bag with snow coming down. Even the sun was trying to get out.
     I was dreaming that when i woke up as usual I would be dumbfounded by what was going to happen today. I packed my kit away and headed towards Firstbase which is a homeless day centre in Brighton UK.
     This was at a two-three mile walk there and back everyday. What was I doing? Where was I going again? I wondered as I turned in my sleep.
      I got to Firstbase and rung the doorbell. Someone let me in. I walked in and had breakfast which included my coffee all for free.
      Then I went up to the computer room to check on my blogs. Then I noticed that one of my rhymes had reached 750,000 google+ hits. I don't get paid for this.
      Then I decided to have a look at my books on I couldn't believe my eyes. I had actually sold 150 poetry online books.
      Then I checked my youtube channel which was going mental with views after views. 15,000,000,000 hits to date and still rising. With this moment I woke up as the shop owner stood staring at me growling like a wolf on heat. I was still in my sleeping bag wishing for the best Christmas ever.
     I got up and packed my sleeping bag away and did the long walk to Firstbase. I went and checked out all my sites and could not believe that people where actually buying my book and helping me become the person they wanted me to become so I could go and live the dream to help people who have been or should i say are in the situation I was in.
    Thank you everyone who did this. Here is the links below to all the blogs i have for everyone to enjoy. checkout these poetry books and support my cause as an artist.

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