Welcome to Crazy Dreaming 4 U.
I am a crazy man who once was homeless here in the U.K.
I started writing poetry on the streets to highlight some of the issues people go through when this happens.
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Trust me it isn't a nice thing to happen to anyone and I sure never wish this on anyone either.
Many people become homeless for many reasons.
Some become addicts and lose everything.
Some lose everything and become addicts.
I lost everything and did this and now have changed my life around for the better.

This site contains some of my crazy dreams I could remember and more up to date stuff. Don't let anyone tells you dreams can't come true.
Here in the U.K. you can get benefits but if you are moving around trying to sort your life out then you can find it very hard to get these. Especially if you have no identifcation or a way of proving who you are.

I have sold The Big Issue which is a homeless magazine to survive.
I have also made other mistakes in my life to earn money to survive.

Now I have been able to get my life back on track after attempting the biggest journey in my life. With no sponcership since I was homeless and no benefits. I wallked the whole of the U.K. coastline creating loose pebble/stone/rock sculptures on 40+ beaches. These included dragons, boats, formula 1 cars, D.J.s mixing on the decks, bumbble bees and even seagulls.
This only happened because of a drunken bet between two homeless people in Brighton south England May 2009. The journey took two and a half years. I am now in the process of writing a book about my adventure with the proceeds going to help homeless charities here in the U.K. and if it gets bought outside the U.K. then 3rd world homeless charities will be helped also.
I went under the name of Dr Geebers The Pebbleman for this journey since I have been writing my poetry under the name of Dr Geebers for ages.

Please feel free to write comments on my work and checkout http://drgeebersthepebbleman.blogspot.com/  for more info on the walking tour I did.
Checkout http://drgeeberspoetry.blogspot.com/ for my latest rhymes, limericks, nonsence rhymes, childrens story rhymes etc.

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