Friday, 8 February 2013

500000 Signatures on Petition

     I had a really crazy dream the other night that lead me to creating this petition. It all started with me laying in a doorway in a sleeping bag. Then a piece of paper came floating past saying Petition To Help Dr Geebers The Pebbleman Get A Permanant Spot To Create Live Art On Brighton Beach.
     I looked at it for a moment thinking I haven't set up no petition so what was going on. Then this white cloud turned towards me and changed into a big smiling sun wearing sunglasses. I looked baffled at this stage. Then it spoke to me in a really cool way.
     "You are one of the most coolest artists the UK has ever seen and you deserve better in life my friend. You captured the hearts and souls of millions of people through hard work and sheer determination. You are the beat of many hearts and the inspiration to the masses. Now take head and create this petition and the masses will sign if they believe the way I do that you are truly one of a kind. You have the knowledge and the know how to make everything happen right at your finger tips. I have watched you and followed you as you painstakingly took on a challenge no other artist has ever attempted and succeeded to finish no matter what. So please listen to me my friend you will succeed and will help those less vulnerable in life."
     I could not believe what I was hearing as the cloud simply disappeared like the way it appeared. So I woke up still in my sleeping bag and wrote down what I had to do. Now this is a true story of what occured and now here is a link to that very petition Petition To Help Dr Geebers The Pebbleman Get A Permanent Spot To Create Live Art On Brighton Beach

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