Friday, 27 January 2012

The Talking Roulette Machine

                  "You can do it. You can do it. You know you want too. Go on have a go". A voice kept shouting out at me as I walked past a casino thinking nothing of it. Then it happened again. Where was it coming from. I haddn't a clue. It onlyappened outside the casino and nowhere else. Not outside the bookies or anywhere. Even my hairs on the back of my head stood up. I had fifty pound in my pocket and knew t gambling wasn't for me. Yet this voice was calling out to me and getting louder each time so I eventually went in. I went passed a couple of machines which did not catch my attension striaght away. Yet this one slightly hidden out of the way was calling me. When I got up to it it kind of smiled at me and laughed.
                  "You got to go to the roulette wheel my friend and put all your money on number 5 to win". I never listen to people and surely I wasn't going to start listening to this machine. So I decided to put on a pound. it came in amd I won.
                  "Don't collect repeat it my friend go on. You have nothing to lose sence you have already won". It said in an unbelievable convincing way, so I did and won again.
                  "Isn't that a lovely feeling winning like that. Well trust me your luck is in for today is your lucky day so go on repeat it my friend and if you lose you have already won, true". Why did I believe him or should I say it. It was only a machine geared up to take everyones cash sooner or later. Yet for some unknown reason I was talking away to it out loud drawing attension to myself. Even the security was looking at me as well.
                  "Don't worry my friend just keep on repeating this board until I say other wise. You are on a roll my friend". It was right, he was right or whatever you want to call it. I was on a roll and a have. I had started of with fifty pound in my pocket. I only put ten pound in the stupid machine since it was talking to me. Now I was up almost two hundred pound and still rising. What was going on? I never have any luck like this, never.
                  "Now put your money on 32 to win". The machine called so I put on ten pound and I won again. This was unbelievable until the machine said do not bet anymore and cash up. So thats what I did. I ended up with five hundred and forty pound.
                  I went to walk out yet the machine called me again only to say I should go on to the big tables and play for real.
                  "Come on what have you to lose. You are already nearl five hundred pound up. Go on have a go. Go get some chips and put it on 0. Trust me you will win". He was right up until now and his judgement was always spot on. So I did what he said. I went got my chips and put fivty pound on 0 and won. I could not believe my luck.
                  "Now my friend go cash up and have a break. Put a couple of coins in me and listen to what I have to say". So I went quickly and did this. Nearly already fivteen hundred pound up. What a lucky streak. I went back to the machine and put a few coins in like he said. Listened to him talk on about horses then he came to the crunch hit.
                  "When you leave here my friend go to the bookies and put on a hore acumulator". He came out the horse names and I wrote them down in my phone. He stumbled on one and said it would be better to do two accumulaters. One of the horses may win or may not on the first one. I did what he said and went striaght to William Hills. I put on two accumulators of four horses. I didn't think much of it so I sat and watch the first race and the horse won. I thought wicked. Then the next race and it won. I was amazed. Then the third race was the stumble and his second horse won. Then the fourth and final race and a 33 - 1 horse stumped it home. I could not believe my luck and on doubles and trebbles and all that stuff which I knew nothing about. I didn't even know that even one horse lost I had still won over one hundred pound on the first ticket. How did the machine know this. The secound ticket gave me a staggering twelve thousand pounds. What an awesome end to an unbelieveable day as I woke up to coffee in bed and my girlfriend asking me if I was ok.

Now what was that all about?

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