Wednesday, 25 January 2012

The Hungry Snake

                   What would you do? How would you protect yourself with nothing. If you where out on your own at night. The sky pitch black and the wind as calm as a post. The only thing stiring maybe the odd frightened bird which makes you jump.
                   Everything seems so beautiful at this time of night. When someone takes out one of your earphones yet there is no one there. Now what would you do? Run? Me I just stood there wondering what was going on when a voice spoke to me. "You not scared man". I looked round and could not see no one or anything. The voice spoke again. "I would move if I was you boy before I eat you for loitering you fool". Then it laughed out loud. Whatever I thought as the hairs stood up on the back of my neck. Dander was getting closer but what was it? I really whated to know what was speaking to me.
                   It was unbelievable to see. It was 22' long and at least as thick as my waste. It was the biggest snake I had ever seen. I turned to run but he flicked out his tongue catching my foot and dragging me towards him. "You think your cool but your really a fool. You think you got all it takes to be a man but your really a little rat to me. Hahahhhhahahahahha.
                   Now was actually scared and it was getting worse as I struggled to get free without actually getting there while the beast laughed uncontrolably at my misfortune. This was pissing me off. Yet he was loving ever minute of it. I could feel his teeth bang my feet, drag up my legs with slimery gue covering my body. The father into his mouth I went the stench was making me vomit. He didn't let up one bit and it was getting even darker as he shut his mouth like a door over my body. How was I going to get out? How would you? I started panicing as he swallowed me whole. Then like a switch turnning on I woke up gasping for air with sweat all over my body.

Now what was that all about?

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