Saturday, 21 January 2012

Spanish Lottery Winner Hell

                     Many people have dreams about winning the lottery. Even last night I did it too. I was in a hotel room somewhere in Spain. Why? I do not know. I had been to a shop to get some cigarettes when a Spanish person wanted my change for something to eat. I didn't mind giving him something. Then as he walked away I looked down at the ground where I dropped my cigarettes and found a ticket laying at my feet. I picked it up off course along with my ciggy's. I remember this so clearly. People where partying on the street for three days and I had been part of the crowd. Everyone was drinking and dancing wildly. We where all enjoying ourselves.
                      Why was I here? I didn't seem to know. I must of been on holiday or something.
                      The ticket was two days old and the draw was two days ago. It was on the news that there had been a jackpot winner. No one had came forward to claim the prize. I didn't even think about checking the ticket myself. Then all of a sudden when I was in a bar buying a round of drinks my ticket came out. I asked the barman what was the numbers of the last draw and when it was held. He told me 22, 26, 30, 32, 35, 40. I hadn't a clue what I had won but these numbers was on the ticket. I took out my mobile and phoned the number on the ticket. I told them the numbers and they said I had won the jackpot which turned out to be 1.6 million pounds. I was over the moon and didn't know what to do.
                       I told the barman which was a mistake and he chased me shouting out I was the winner. The whole pub turned round in anger and chased me down the street trying to steal the ticket. Then a big fist came out of nowhere hitting me in the face and I woke up.

Now what was that all about.

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