Thursday, 17 January 2013

The street dies in the gutters

       Waking up sweating is one thing, waking up cold is another. Yet waking up to a nightmare that has not happened is very distressing.
        I had been sleeping in the same doorway in Brighton for ages. Trying to piece my live together mixing with lots of homeless dudes.
        I had been drinking heavily the night before and went to sleep as usual not understanding the concepts of what I was seeing in my dream this night.
        All I remember is being in the middle of a field with my trousers around my ankles. I had toilet paper in my hand, when policemen came from everywhere. I started to run and fell over face first on the ground.
        What was going on? I was doing no harm.
        "Your under arrest". I heard a young female voice say as she put handcuffs on me./
        "What you doing to me". I replied in a gentle manner struggling to break free from all the commotion.
        "Look see what you have done you crazy murderer".
        "What?" I replied struggling even more now.
        I looked into a ditch at the side of a road and all I seen was 15 of my homeless pals laying in a ditch with their legs sticking in the air. I won't mention their real names but I have told them about this dream. They had been beaten to death with a frozen cucumber. How ridicules is this.
        I am getting arrested for beating to death my friends on the street.
        I was taken to Brighton police station to be questioned when the police car I am in catches on fire. Instantly the fire got out of control burning my face while the car explodes.
        I aweaken instantly in my sleeping bag where I had went to sleep that night absolutly sweating and freezing at the same time. I still do not know what this means but I must admit it was one heck off a crazy dream to have.

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